Aranzada Gestión Forestal, S.L.P. (AGF)

ARANZADA GESTIÓN FORESTAL, S.L.P. (ARANZADA GF) is a SME that was constituted in 2007. It is specialized in forest planning, including technical plans, management plans and territorial planning of forests managed by the local and central administration. Its activity has been focused in three main issues: (i) forest management planning in public and private forests, (ii) development of forest biomass exploitation projects, and (iii) development of computer tools for assessment. Social involvement of ARANZADA GF is expressed through research and spreading activities in agricultural issues, with a special emphasis in forestry. Since 2007 ARANZADA has been involved in 26 projects concerning forest planning, 5 projects to assess the potentiality of forest biomass, 3 projects related to the development of computing tools for forest management and 5 training courses for forest managers from local administrations.

ARANZADA GF has been responsible for the last Revision of the Management Plan for the Spanish FMU “Valsaín” using LIDAR for the estimation of forest variables. Data obtained from LIDAR generates a great amount of information very useful for subsequent decision making in forest planning. Such information includes: land digital model, surface digital model and height raster. This information allows to calculate the standing volume (no. trees per ha, basal area, volume with bark, total height, current growth, quadratic diameter). Thus, the use of LIDAR methodology avoids the statistical error obtained by a traditional forest inventory. The most important requirement for the use of LIDAR for forest inventory is to have a detailed cartography of the different type of stands in the study zone. In ARANGE AGF will contribute to the Iberian case study. Focus will be on the combined use of LiDAR-based forest data and information from terrestrial inventories in developing adaptive management schemes.

Key persons involved:

Miguel Cabrera Bonet

PhD in forestry, he has been working for over 22 years in the public and private forest sector.

Ana Vera Martínez

Forest Engineer, she has been working in ARANZADA for the last 6 years.

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