RTD Services – Dr Stephen Matthew Webb (RTDS)

RTDS is an SME specialised in the development, management and communication of Research and Technological Development (RTD) projects. RTD Services provides professional management and dissemination services, tools and training to research institutions, SMEs and other organisations involved in international research and cooperation. RTD Services is partner in several completed and ongoing FP projects covering health, environment, food and agriculture, and science in society. This includes projects such as: MoniQA Network of Excellence (33 partners, 20 countries, €12.3 mill budget, 5 year duration): Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the Food Supply Chain. RTD Services is Dissemination WP-Leader, responsible for financial management and provides training. www.moniqa.org, EU-AGROBIOGAS Collaborative Project (14 partners, eight countries, €5.7 mill budget, 3 year duration) Dissemination WP- Leader, Financial management, Trainer www.eu-agrobiogas.net, SCICOM This Support Action brings together nine partners from across Europe to develop a operating network of science centres and experts in Renewable Energy. RTD Services is involved in the financial management as well as in the dissemination and exploitation of project content and results. www.SciCom-net.eu/, Feed-SEG Support Action Dissemination WP-Leader, Financial management, Trainer http://www.feed-seg.net In ARANGE RTDS is task leader for task 7.3 Project and Financial Management. In this role, RTDS will provide day to day project management and financial management support covering all budgetary tasks, financial monitoring and preparing of cost associated reports. In addition to these services provided to the consortium, RTDS will support the coordinator concerning general project management issues.

Web site: www.rtd-services.com

Persons involved:

Dr. Stephen M. Webb

MSc, MBA, has experience with EU research projects since FP4, where he participated both as coordinator and research partner. He has since been involved with the development of more than 80 projects in various fields within life sciences environment, health, transport, food, ICT, research for the benefit of SMEs and socio-economics. His doctorate is in the the field of environmental risk management. His doctorate is in the field of environmental risk management.

Dr. George Dunwoody

Graduated from Queens University (Belfast) his expertise is in Public Policy and Social Research with a particular interest in stakeholder dialogue for social and economic growth. He has experience of various research projects in a European and African context and presently is a policy analysis and DxE (Dissemination and Exploitation) manager for a number of FP7 projects.

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