Forum Carpaticum 2014

3rd Forum Carpaticum in Lviv, Ukraine, September 16-19, 2014 - Local Responses to Global Challenges

The Forum Carpaticum integrates different fields of expertise to generate theoretical and practical environmental and social knowledge for the Carpathian mountain region. The objectives of Forum Carpaticum are:

  • to link research and practice related to coupled human and natural systems in mountain regions;
  • to scientifically support actions leading towards sustainability in the Carpathian region;
  • to increase the visibility of the Carpathian region in global change research agendas.

The 1st Forum Carpaticum (FC2010) in Kraków, Poland identified the need for better data generation, availability, and accessibility to information in the Carpathian Mountain ecological region. The 2nd Forum Carpaticum (FC2012) in Stará Lesná, Slovakia addressed this need by covering the whole Data-Knowledge-Action cycle, i.e. focusing on how data are generated and transformed into useful knowledge, how the knowledge is transferred to policy and practice, and how it can feed back to research planning.
Forum Carpaticum 2014: Local Responses to Global Challenges
aims to explore ways to address global challenges in the local and regional context. The main themes of the 3rd Forum Carpaticum (FC2014) conference in Lviv, Ukraine are related, but not limited, to the policy priorities of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Horizon 2020 Programme, focusing on major challenges affecting the Carpathian ecoregion.

More information is available here.

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