WP1 (Data & case study implementation)

The aim of WP1 is to set up the data platform for the project, which will be vital for the comparability of results and cross-case study analyses. We will establish a harmonized data base for the input variables of the models used in WP2. This data base will describe the abiotic conditions and forest structures within and across case studies for the stand and landscape scales. The high heterogeneity of mountain landscape will be represented through key abiotic gradients (e.g., temperature, precipitation, slope, bedrock). Downscaled climate change scenarios will be developed for each case study. Current forest management practices, planning processes and harvesting systems will be documented in each case study and classified within a common framework. This will allow cross-case study comparison and realistic implementation of management operations in the forest models.

These data will be used to define the range of management practices to be explored in simulations of WP2. We will implement a spatio-temporal web-based database to store and share these data.

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