WP6 (Stakeholder interaction and dissemination)

The goals of this work package are the facilitation of stakeholder interactions in the case study regions throughout the project and the dissemination of knowledge.

To achieve these goals WP6 will

  • involve stakeholders to address information needs of future mountain forest management about multiple ecosystem services within the frame of sustainable forest management (SFM) to guide the study design in the case study regions and to incorporate stakeholder needs in the development of the web-based Decision Support Tool Box
  • identify target users and their requirements and expectations towards improved decision support in multifunctional mountain forest management to synthesize key findings from other work packages for various dissemination purposes
  • disseminate synthesized knowledge and findings from other WPs via an array of dissemination pathways including the web-based Decision Support Tool Box
  • organize and coordinate training activities in improved forest management planning within the project frame

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