WP3 (Policy and governance)

The objective of this work package is to analyse (a) EU and national policies and how these policies affect mountain forest management and the provision of multiple ecosystem services in the case study regions, and (b) governance systems in the case study regions focused on multifunctionality of mountain forest landscapes.

Specifically, this work package aims at:

  • identifying relevant policies and policy instruments both at EU and at case study level influencing mountain forest management and the provision and consumption of ecosystem services and discussing the congruence between broad macro-level policy discourses and micro-level policy implementation measures
  • reviewing available landuse change scenarios for EU27 with focus on their relevance for the case study regions, identifying main drivers of land use change in the case study regions and analyse their likely impact on the demand for and/or supply of ecosystem services from mountain forests
  • analysing the public and corporate governance systems for the implementation of multifunctional mountain forest management in the case study regions
  • providing a context analysis for the case study regions

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