WP4 (Improved planning)

The overall objective of this WP is to develop new and advanced methods and tools to support planning of multifunctional forest management.

This comprises

  • to design improved operational planning procedures including multifunctional, decision-oriented forest inventories and participative mapping and priorization of management objectives
  • to improve existing methods and techniques for socio-economic analysis and to develop new methods and algorithms for trade-off analysis and optimization of management strategies for multiple ES; methods which will be explored include “hard” OR like mathematical programming and “soft” multi-criteria decision analysis approaches
  • to design and implement architecture and functionality of a generic web-based decision support tool box for multifunctional forest management planning

The tool box will be populated with methods and tools developed in WP4 and WP2. The tools and methods developed in WP4 will be applied in case study specific analyses as well as in a comparative generic analysis across all case studies.

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